User panel and control circuit of H4-4S kitchen hood

  • Display type: LED
  • Backlight color of keys: Customer order
  • Number of keys: 6
  • Key type: Touch
  • Maximum thickness of surface glass: 6 mm
  • RPM control : 4 rounds
  • Range supply voltage: 180-250 v
  • Working temperature: 0-85 ° C
  • Accessories : Remote control and smoke and outside temperature sensor
  • Maximum remote range: 5 m

Comes with remote control and external smoke and temperature sensor

دسته بندی


  • Automatic shutdown mode after 8 hours
  • Exact time (RTC)
  • Automatic control of engine speed based on ambient temperature and smoke level
  • Programmable shutdown timer
  • Ability to autocalibrate touch keys in different environments
  • Use high efficiency switching power supply
  • Has a recalibrated smoke sensor mode
  • Resistant to environmental noise
  • Can be changed to a 3-speed engine with minimal changes
  • Fully electronic operation with removal of mechanical relays
  • 300mA LED output current with the ability to increase 700mA
  • Ability to obtain High voltage (3KV) test certificates

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