Kitchen hood start control circuit D3 / D4

  • Communication type: 10 wires flat
  • Engine speed control in 4 revolutions
  • Range supply voltage: 180-250 v
  • Working temperature: 0-85 ° C
  • Special for single phase AC induction motor
  • Lamp type: 12VDC

دسته بندی


  • Fully electronic operation with removal of mechanical starter relays
  • Using switching power supply to increase the efficiency and flow of lamp outputs and reduce the weight and volume of the circuit and heat loss
  • 400mA LED output current with the ability to increase up to 700mA
  • Suitable for all types of 12VDC lights
  • Reduce engine stress and increase engine life by using the zero crossing detection method
  • Protection against short circuit of LED outputs
  • Resistant to high and low frequency noise of city electricity
  • Support for two-color lights (Model D4)
  • Ability to certify High Voltage (3KV) tests

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