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How was Noorafzar Photon formed?

In 2008, a group of elites and graduates of prominent universities in Tehran, under the name of Hanif Kowsar Company, designed and produced several electronic devices and systems for various organizations and institutions. The list of a number of completed projects is:

  • Professional studio mixer for installation in a sound room
  • Photometric device for measuring blood parameters
  • Professional signal generator for the Broadcasting Organization
  • Professional digital and analog sound level measuring device
  • World Central Clock Receivers
  • Professional portable sound mixer for the private sector
  • Audio monitoring software system for radio and television
  • Design and production of LED projectors for office and residential premises for the Ministry of Defense of Qazvin province

Also designing lighting systems and producing various projectors for the Ministry of Defense in Tehran

  • Production of different types of LED projectors for Qazvin Cultural Heritage and Tourism Organization

and television of Tehran and cities

  • Audio monitoring software system for the Radio and Television Organization
  • High speed and precision motor controller suitable for private sector layering machines
  • Design and construction of a comprehensive call to prayer system for the private sector
  • Design and construction of IVR and university telephone pager of Khajeh Nasir al-Din Tusi University
  • Launching Radio data service (RDS) protocol on FM wave for Jihad
  • Light and sound management system of the Museum of Sustainability Art Gallery for Qazvin Cultural Heritage Organization
  • Replacement of low-consumption LED lights with high-consumption 30-meter tower lights of Ray Oil Company warehouse

In 1390 and in continuation of the company’s activities, in order to meet the needs of new customers and expand the market, a basket of various market-based lighting products was introduced. The main policy of the company during these years has been to focus on private customers and in monopoly has produced some lighting products for various companies and prominent in the market in mass circulation. Among the companies involved in the contract is Kan Home Appliances Company, whose products of Hanif Kowsar Company with the best quality and new and unique designs adorn the products of this company and still are.

Therefore, in 2014, Noor Afzar Photon Company was established with the aim of branding and developing the market of new products needed by the general public. The most important advantage of the company from the very beginning is its agility and creative designs in presenting new products that fit the needs of customers.

Unique innovations and product designs along with high quality and mass production capacity are considered as an important competitive advantage of the company. Also in this year, the company entered the field of production of products needed by the people and launched its first sample of lamps and products in 1394.

At present, the company produces flexible products in the following 7 product categories:

  1. Types of oven and stove controllers
  2. Types of kitchen hood controllers
  3. Laundry and dishwasher boards
  4. Types of boards and refrigerator equipment
  5. All kinds of home appliances lighting
  6. Types of inverter gas coolers
  7. Car Equipments
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