Oven controller board 13 functioned

  • Display type: LCD-VA display
  • Number and type of keys: 12 touch keys
  • 9-output controller including 4 10-amp outputs and 5 2-amp outputs
  • Range supply voltage: 180-250 v
  • Operating temperature : 0-85 c

دسته بندی


  • Has 13 cooking programs
  • Set the cooking temperature from 70 to 250 degrees Celsius
  • Set the cooking time temperature up to 6 hours
  • An alarm timer
  • Has a mode to set the cooking start time
  • Efficiency, current, weight reduction and circuit volume
  • Use of isolated switching power supply for increase and heat loss
  • EMI filter, noise reduction filters, fuse and high voltage protection of city electricity
  • RTC clock
  • Child lock mode
  • Can be used with meat skewer
  • Ability to work with PTC and NTC temperature sensors
  • Graphic display of oven components on LCD
  • Fast heating mode
  • Hardware test mode
  • Ability to obtain high voltage (3KV) tests
  • Common wire breaker relay for consumers
  • Ability to store the cooking program with the desired time and temperature

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