Combi Refrigerator Monitor Board

  • Inside temperature controller
  • Intelligent defrost system control
  • Range supply voltage: 180-230 v
  • Ability to connect up to 4 NTC temperature sensors
  • Ability to simultaneously control the refrigerator
  • Ability to connect to single refrigerators and 2 evaporators

دسته بندی


  • Intelligent defrost control system
  • Warning system against opening the refrigerator door
  • Intelligent troubleshooting system
  • Compressor control with 16 amp relay
  • Switching power supply
  • VH type electrical connector
  • Can be used in all models of Combi and 2 doors refrigerators
  • Fits NTC-10k temperature sensors
  • Ability to control semi-automatic ice maker
  • LCD Monitor
  • Ability to control AC and DC fan motors
  • Electricity fluctuation protection system
  • Damper control capability for single evaporator refrigeration systems

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